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While EFFORTS does not endorse commercial sites, we know that a lot of our members depend on their commercial sites for income.
Please be advised that EFFORTS has no monetary or other ties with these sites. We ask that those who list their commercial sites, give a discount to members, if possible.
These pages and the contents therein are, of course, the property and responsibility of the individual owners.

If you would like your page listed here, please send an email with the site address, site name (if any) and a brief description (if desired). Please, no offensive sites!
Juania Tefft-The Cloth Wonderful little cloth for cleaning anything. Hilde Hanson  Home pages
Hoppy's Scooters Sid Hopkins' website for electric scooter and power chairs and medical supplies Mike MacDonald Mike's music, etc.
BeautiControl Cosmetics
NEW Skincare for "over 50"  
  Glenda Jones
Waking Walt Waking Walt is a spellbinding take on one of America’s most enduring urban legends. Could it be true; Walt Disney was never cremated and buried at Forest Lawn as the official story goes?   Peggy and Brian Brow,  Monroe, Michigan