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Oxygen Tank Covers by Our Members

EFFORTS members are very inventive and artistic. Below are a few examples of how talented our folks really are. If you have a tank decoration or cover that you would like to share, please send a photo to Pat Crowe at olecrowe@gmail.com.

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Ruth Green

Grandma Goes To Town

Hilde Hanson's Inogen Rider

Ain't it cute???

Kandy Blankartz

Kandy says: "My oxygen tank dressed up as Santa.  Which
one of us has the biggest belly??
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone too!!!"


Looks like Kandy is all ready for Easter.

Ruth Greene

Ruth and her baby all decorated for the holidays


Hilde Hanson's Friend

Hilde met this lady in my pulmonary rehab class who did the ultimate dress-up for
her O2 bottle and cart. She gave me permission to use her photo on our website.
Unfortunately she is not able to join Efforts because she does not own or have access to a computer
but Hilde says she always shares her EFFORTS material with her class.


Hilde's friend and her friend

Close up of tank



Kandy Blankartz

Kandy is all set not only for Halloween but also for COPD Month

Ken Scott

 Ken and Friend (Ken's on the left) : )

Ken's 'Go' Kart (closeup)

Jackie Able

Jackie Able's "Autumn Equinox" theme

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