Oakland Tribune
June C. Johnson
November 7, 2005

Get Tested for COPD

CHRONIC Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD for short consists of emphysema and chronic bronchitis,
and is the only major cause of death on the increase.

In fact, the World Health Organization estimates this will be the third leading cause of death in the United States
and worldwide by 2020.

But COPD is largely preventable, easily detected and at least partly treatable if detected early. Why then does this
problem continue to exist and grow? In part, it's because prevention and early detection depend on widespread public
awareness and that is sorely lacking.

Thus, November 2005 has been proclaimed COPD Awareness Month, and Nov. 16 World COPD Day to call attention
to this disease and how to control it.

If you are at risk for COPD a family history of lung disease, or a long-term smoker, or exposed to air pollution,
second-hand smoke, or toxic chemicals at work make the effort to get tested this month.

Do it even though you may have no noticeable symptoms yet. The test is quick, painless and can be done right in the
doctor's office. Just blow hard in a tube for six seconds that's all there is to it. And it just might be the best six-second
investment you ever made.

As of today, the governors of at least 23 states have proclaimed November as COPD Awareness Month but not California. Although I sent a letter of request to our governor, he did not reply.

June C. Johnson

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