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Wednesday, May1, 2002

The Courier
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How It Was Accomplished

Last April, when I knew I would be going to the Rally, I wrote a letter to the Editor of our newspaper telling about EFFORTS and the Rally.  Then, a newspaper reporter called me and asked if she could come to my house and interview me.  They were starting a new FAMILY section and she thought this would be interesting to many.  The result was the nice write-up she did, all of which was not entirely accurate but very close.  Knowing that COPD is not an easy subject to grasp in 10 easy lessons, I thought she did a great job.

In the meantime, I emailed her a few leads I had heard about around town and we developed an easy relationship with her emailing me occasionally on items of interest.  When I started planning the Ohio Gathering, I thought this would give EFFORTS another chance to be in the news if I asked her to be my guest at the luncheon and hopefully create another article for us.  She accepted, saying she didn't know how much she could do but hoped her writing would be accepted. I sent her information off and on about the speakers and their backgrounds.  She once sent me an email saying I was handier than a pocket on a shirt so evidently my helping her in this way was appreciated.  It eliminated her having to search for the details.  I also sent her a brochure which as you notice, she used in the article.  I sent brochures to all of the speakers too.

Jeanette Vielhaber