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The Progress Index
February 24, 2004

Letter to the Editor

Cigarette tax did nothing to help build state highways

To the editor:

In response to the statement made by one Kitty Price of Petersburg... she is absolutely in the dark about smokers and non-smokers!!!

If she thinks that the lousy 2 percent tax on cigarettes made "nice highways" to ride on, she is sadly mistaken. The Commonwealth of Virginia has the lowest cigarette tax in the country and I don't think that is what built the highways here. Besides, show me the so called "nice" highways she is speaking of.

As far as being a smoker, tell me that when she is suffering with emphysema and breathing through an oxygen tube connected to an oxygen tank!!! Tell me that when she is on a waiting list for a lung transplant because that's the only way she can live for a few more years. You see, I have been there and done that, all thanks to smoking. If "smokers" want an idea of what smoking can really do... get on your computer and look up the following website: .

Kathy Zimoski
Prince George County