World COPD Day
Educational Seminar
Washington State
November 17, 2004, 1-3:00 pm

Our event was a huge success!!

Our first speaker for EFFORTS Silverdale World COPD Day spoke to this subject - Geary Heine, M.D. Physiatrist.  The following is a small portion of what I recall he said on this subject:

The latest studies show depression among pulmonary patients runs 50%.  That's high.  He mentioned the studies done and progress made in the last year on how the brain controls functions in our body.  AND - apparently - can be changed.  e.g.:  his vet was diagnosed with MS.  Her doctor essentially told her to go home, nothing to be done.  She couldn't work - she was finished....sound familiar to some of us?  A certain part of her brain showed the MS.  Two years later - x-rays showed the signs of MS was gone from her brain... the MS had disappeared and she was healthier than before the original diagnosis.  Yoga.  This lady vet refused to roll over and play dead.  She began yoga - every day for two years - two hours a day. 

Dr. Heine emphasized the importance of telling our doc's how we FEEL - let s/he help treat the WHOLE person.  Help is available ...the whole person includes the brain - the whole person is treated.  He also cited a recent magazine article we might want to read.... in US News & World Report, I believe. Our scheduled seminar, Eric Anderson, Pulmonary Director of Harrison Hospital graciously joined us and demonstrated Diaphragm Breathing.  He also promised a renewed Better Breathers in 2005.

Our accommodations at the Red Lion Hotel were well set up - the coffee, tea, and ice water - cookies tasty and delicious.   And, for the first time, I met EFFORTS members – (a Gathering) and felt an instant kinship with each and every one.

Considering all the advertising, flyers – aimed toward educating unaware COPD patients, caregivers, friends and family– other than my dear mother – I was disappointed we had only one local couple show up.  Incidentally, my mother (Pace Maker) who came to be supportive was amazed what she learned and could use for her own well being!

My area supports six pulmonologists and however many patients they have. One couple only one non-EFFORTS couple - gained the benefit of our knowledgeable and gifted speakers. … Not to mention our enthusiastic EFFORTS members.

I finally met Clinton and his wonderful daughter, Laurie – who promptly and expertly, took care of the Welcoming Desk…

Karen and Vince brought the well designed and showy EFFORTS display they had made last year – great job you two! Lee was our Lung Reduction Surgery Success story and speaker, along with Clint, another LRS success story…a great job, guys! Incidentally Lee just published a book, “Huffin’n Puffin’: Living with COPD by patient Lee Vogel.

We have so many print outs left over; we’ll have enough to pass out for meetings throughout 2005.  I have ideas to try for World COPD Day 2005.

Thank you all for being there – you came from out of town to support EFFORTS and World COPD Day 2004 and I hope you had a good time too.  Check out the pictures…

We also had three drawings - one EFFORTS tee shirt went to the non-member local COPD couple - he planned to wear it to rehab - two of Dr. Tom Petty's book, "Adventures of an Oxy-phile" were offered for the drawing and one was drawn by Karen.

Clint Halliday and Guests

Clint Halliday

Deb Abrams, owner NW Therapy

Deb Abrams

Clint Halliday & Lee Vogel- Lung Volume Reduction

Dr. Geary Heine

Karen Beeson, Vince Ferriola,
Clinton Halliday and Laurie Selley

Karen Beeson, Vince Ferriola, Clint Halliday and
Laurie Selley

Laurie Selley

Pat ? & Deb

Lee Vogel

Lee, Sondra, Vince, Karen and Clint


Pat - NW Therapy Center


Barry Gilbert, Christine and Sharon O'Hara

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