The Arizona Republic
November 10, 2005
by Peg DeAngelo

Quit, before you become me

What a service this paper is doing for many people who are thinking about quitting smoking but haven't decided whether it would be worth it or not.

Of course it's worth it! I am one of the quitters, but I waited too long to quit. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease got me seven years after I quit smoking.

Don't let anyone tell you "air" is free! I am on oxygen now and thank God I am also on Medicare. Medicare and my supplemental insurance coverage pay $541 a month just for air for me to breathe.

And who pays for Medicare? We all do - you and I. Every taxpayer. That is money that could be going into other programs. Smokers cost every one of us millions of tax dollars every year.

November is national COPD awareness month. It has been estimated that close to 14 million people have COPD but aren't aware of it yet.

The American Lung Association recommends you do yourself a favor and call your doctor to schedule a simple pulmonary function test before the cold and flu season is upon us in full force.

Remember: This is for "the breath of life." - Peg DeAngelo, Sun City West


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