Ken Scott Lecture on COPD
November 12, 2004
Granada Hills Charter High School

Kenny teaching at Granada Hills Charter High School - one of the best schools in the nation for academic excellence.  The students were great and asked a lot of very astute questions.  I am sure from the looks on their faces that I reached quite a few with my simple but lucid lecture on a tough subject.  We covered all kinds of addictions not just nicotine, but MJ and crack cocaine were hot topics!!  Everyone wanted to be told it was OK but that's not what I taught them - it is WORSE and I proved why very easily.  They were very well behaved and attentive (of course it was me lecturing so how could they not pay rapt attention - after all listening to ME is compelling - awww forget dat).  It was a good day and I'm exhausted, but I made it through 6 lectures with only one lunch break.


Ken Points Out Nicotine Molecular Structure

Back of Ken Teaching

Ken Shows What Happens To Your Alveoli

Ken Listens To Student Question

Ken Makes An Important Point

Ken Demonstrates KoKoPeak+ Spirometry

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