Bob Phillips in New York Marathon
November 2005

The New York City Marathon (26.2 miles) is one of the largest races in the world with over 36,000 runners and walkers, its held every November. I'm 63 and stopped smoking when I was 40, but I was diagnosed with severe COPD in 2002. I had run 10 marathons in my younger days after I stopped smoking, but I really thought those days were over. I made a New Year's resolution in January of 2005 to try for one more by using a modified race walk style of walking and also losing some weight, I trained for 6 months at increasing my endurance by walking longer distances, my longest walk was 15 miles in October, plus I also lost 15 lbs.

I'm happy to say I completed the Marathon in about 6 hours, coming in 35,859th in a field of 36,856. The last 10 miles were quite hard, but with the support of all my fellow EFFORTS members and wearing the EFFORTS Red T-Shirt, I was able to persevere.

This may of not of been my fastest marathon, but by far it was most satisfying and rewarding one for sure. I know I can't beat COPD as its irreversible, but by working hard at a exercise program you don't have to let it rule your life.

Bob Phillips in New York Marathon Bob Phillips in New York Marathon
Bob after marathon with metal Bob after marathon
Bob at finish line Bob crossing finish line!
You go, Bob!!


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