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Dr. Tom Petty's Alpine Adventure Crew


On August 26th Dr. Tom Petty led 13 Oxyphile Adventurers on an excursion to Echo Lake on Mt. Evans.

     The intrepid adventurers made the journey on a chartered bus starting from and returning to the American Lung Association in
Greenwood Village.

      The purpose/objective of this mountain trip was to test the performance of SeQual's new Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator in the transition from an altitude of 5,000 to 10,000 feet. The O2 monitoring of patients was be performed with NONIN oximeters.
      Bob McCoy of Valley Inspired Products, along with other medical professionals assisted Dr. Petty.

      After completion of this "Altitude Adventure”, a celebratory lunch was enjoyed by all at the El Rancho Restaurant in Evergreen.


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