ALAW Seattle Walk for Asthma
Sharon O'Hara representing EFFORTS
Sunday, April 30, 2006

The 2006 American Lung Association of Washington’s annual 5 K Walk For Asthma in Seattle, began Sunday, 30 April 2006 at the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium.  After registration, the walk began at 9:30 am, meandered from Husky Stadium through the beautiful campus and looped back to the stadium and Finish Line.

Our EFFORTS Team was there, eight strong this year, ranging in age from 42 - 89.  We came from far and near to be part of the second annual EFFORTS Team, Mary and Steve from Moses Lake; live 178 miles away on the dry side of the Cascades.  Most of us were a ferry ride away.  We were there to show our support for the American Lung Association of Washington’s EFFORTS for lung disease, for Asthma and to help make folks aware of COPD. Eleven o'clock was the approximate walk-end and the Finish line festivities promised fun, entertainment, games, refreshments and speakers…including an appearance by Blitz from the Seattle Seahawks… which we missed again. Our team included (beside COPDers) folks walking with Hip Dysphasia, a wrenched back and a Pace Maker.  Mary and Steve from Moses Lake, Julia from Seattle, Aaron from Seattle, Al from Port Orchard, Aggie from Belfair, Chuck and Sharon from Silverdale. Megan, a new Association team member, walked with us the final mile or so.  Megan has exercise-induced asthma.  She also RUNS and works out… as best she can.  Asthma – as COPD, saps energy unless we fight back through exercise… strengthening and aerobic… just moving! David Fitton, one of the Association’s cheery bike riding volunteers was part of the ‘caboose’ – the end I speed up to walk.  He and Charlie lifted the Asthma Walk direction signs as we passed and loaded them on his trike – as you can see in the picture, he had well over forty signs fastened.  Dave has FIFTY bikes in his garage!

EFFORTS and Angels, past and present, inspire and teach us to reach, to stretch, and EXERCISE for life. We had an EFFORTS Gathering at the Spaghetti Factory in downtown Seattle after the Walk… only four of us, Mary and Steve, Chuck and Sharon were able to attend, but we were an enthusiastic foursome AND brainstormed over future EFFORTS ‘happenings’… what is it about EFFORTS members that draw us together?  Passion and gratitude to and for EFFORTS leads the list...  EFFORTS teach us how to live again – as COPDers.

Thank you EFFORTS Angels, past and present!  God Bless!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sharon O’Hara, EFFORTS Ambassador


Sharon O'Hara and Meredith Gibson
Sharon O'Hara, EFFORTS WA Ambassador and ALAW's delightful Meredith Gibson, hard working co-organizer of  the 2005's Asthma Walk series.
Sharon O'Hara and Paul Payton
Sharon O'Hara just beyond the finish line and the ALA of Washington's Paul Payton, Director of Communications.  Personally, I think his title should be "Outstanding' Director of Communications".
Paul Payton
Paul Payton, ALAW's Director of Communications after the walk...
Robin Evans-Agnew
Robin Evans-Agnew, ALAW's Director of Programs & Advocacy congratulating Sharon O'Hara, EFFORTS WA Ambassador upon finishing the walk. 
Robin Evans-Agnew
After the walk, Superman Robin Evans-Agnew, ALAW's affable Director of Programs and Advocacy and Sharon O'Hara, EFFORTS WA Ambassador enthuse over  world awakening to the COPDers plight.  COPD,4th leading killer in the US, 5th in the world is too rapidly advancing to become the #3 leading killer in the US...
ALA Team
The ALA of Washington's 'Caboose' Team and Sharon O'Hara - easily in last place by 30 - 40 minutes. From left to right:  Dave Fitton, Big Ride Across America participant 1999 & 2003, Sharon, Charlie Vanderburg, Big Ride Across America participant 1998 (Ride Director 2000), Mary Ellen Johnson (volunteer), Jerry Nash (volunteer and Trek Tri-Island participant (3-day cycling ride) for several years, Randy Wheeler, Big Ride Across America participant 1998 and volunteer for several other rides. The Big Ride Across America is Sharon's goal - her dream... to be on her recumbent pedaling out of Seattle, across the Cascades by the end of June 2006.
The Finish Line
The finish line looks to be a long, long way.
Finish line headed for shade
After the finish, sidetracked toward shade..
The finish line
The finish line looks closer and the patiently waiting ALAW cheer squad gears up to greet the last walker...  
Sharon and the Caboose gang
Keeping one foot in front of the other, Sharon and the Caboose gang, including Charlie, walk through the beautiful University of Washington campus.
Sharon O'Hara
Sharon O'Hara, EFFORTS WA Ambassador at the start of the American Lung Association of Washington's Seattle Walk For Asthma.  Notice her good looking walking sticks are made quite simply ... white pvc pipe, foam and duct tape.
Young family
A young family walks the walk for Asthma.
PreWalk gathering
PreWalk gathering at the University of Washington Campus.
ALAW walkers
The ALAW's walkers begin the 2005 Seattle Walk For Asthma.  The folks you see behind Sharon will soon pass her and become specks in the distance.


Rosemary Jensen
Rosemary Jensen, a cheerful good walker for EFFORTS and the ALAW.
Crowd getting ready for walk
The upbeat crowd getting ready...

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