Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Disability Awareness Fair
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
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Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Disability Awareness Fair was an outstanding experience.  I had no idea my state of Washington did so much, offered so many programs to help educate and help... just as EFFORTS does.  We were one of many booths,
but all dealt with heath issues - we fit in quite nicely. 

The Federal Way Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group was led by Jodi Johnson, Support Group Leader and Cheri Babyak.  Jodi is the young girl in the picture holding a cane... she actually makes them and embeds the cane with rocks.

The Olympia Sleep Laboratory was represented by Respiratory Therapist and Polysomngrapher, Keith Schaefer.  Austin C. Lampert, MD., PC is the director and Board Certified in sleep medicine.

I would like to add that I consider Clint Halliday and Laurie Schley among EFFORTS best friends in Washington State.  They have attended and supported EVERY EFFORTS event we've put together - not only attended, they've pitched in and helped. 
I'm thanking them publically because its due to devoted EFFORTS folks like them that we can continue to help spread EFFORTS word... there is hope for COPDers - EFFORTS support, education and advocacy. 

Sharon O'Hara            


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The Speakers: 
Jim Watt, Senior Disability Analyst spoke on "Mental Health Support for Disabled People and their Families."
John Evans, DSHS ..... "Windmills" training, interactive exercises to recognize the role that attitudes play in the employment of persons with disabilities.
Renae Wilkins, National Fibromyalgia Assoc.  "Workplace Issues Surrounding Fibromyalgia."
Amy Gilbrough, Attorney, Elie Halpern & Associates, P.S. ..... "Social Security Disability"
Denise Colley, Governor's Committee on Disability Issues & Employment .... "Disability Awareness & Customer Service"
Robert Ott, President & CEO, Certain Victory Foods..... "Blinded at 21, successful businessman & motivational speaker at 36..."
Patricia Ann Haldi, MN, Diabetes Educator, Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Institute, spoke on Diabetes & Disability.

We had EFFORTS hand-outs from Gary, Mark, Pete and Edna, among others.  Also JJ's EFFORTS jazzy newsletters can't be beat for up-to-date information - Laurie took care of the drawing, a $10 Fred Meyer gift certificate.  Our EFFORTS poster was fun to do and I'll make it better...

 EFFORTS belongs in every Health event through-out the state.

 Sharon O'Hara

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