Lou and Roxlyn at Stadium Stampede
June 27, 2004


The photos were taken on June 27, 2004 at the 20th Stadium Stampede...a fund raiser event sponsored by the Bronco football team for St. Joseph's Hospital Charities in Denver, Colorado at the Invesco Mile High Stadium/field.  They had 5K Run, 5K walk and a 1K for lung impaired.  I walked the 5K and the 1K The cart you see me pulling is an old golf bag cart...adapted for my high flow O2 container plus backpack, water, etc.  The big wheels maneuver curbs with ease.  The course was tough with steep hills, plus being at 5500 ft. elevation/altitude.  I had to boost the O2 up to 15 liters.(normal use 3L). Age 66...finished the 5K  in 48:43.  Pretty good for having only 50% diffusion.  Shows what 14 months of total  dedication to exercise can do. Next 5K will be at the American Lung Associations Lung Challenge in Denver, CO.on September 12th.
Lyn Roxlyn G. Cole-Day-Littleton, Colorado

Roxlyn Cole
Us doing the 5K Walk at the  June 27th Stadium Stampede
at Mile High Invesco field. The first with
my RTT Jodi to my left and Lou to my right at the starting line.
Lou Day
Lou looking good
Roxlyn Cole
 I had to peel off those long sleeves as it got very hot.  the second
 one of me is just short of the finish line inside the stadium.

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