2006 Run the Register
Dever, Colorado
February 26, 2006

Run the Register www.runtheregister.com is an event  in Denver, Colorado sponsored by the American Lung Association to bring awareness to lung disease.  It will take place on Feb. 26, 2006 at the Wells Fargo Center....starting time 8 am.  Seventy teams are competing with more than 600 individuals.
We aren't any ordinary team...our little team is working to get the word out about COPD. Several members of Efforts are on our COPDer team, as well as other groups. Four out of eight members on our team use supplemental oxygen and will carry our 10+ pound O2 tanks on our backs up those 47 flights of stairs. We appreciate and thank the generosity of folks who have sponsored us...it looks like we might make an impression showing COPD folks are out there.

Holly, Lyn, Marilyn and Andy
Holly, Lyn, Marilyn and Andy
Lobby before climb
Lobby before practice climb
Wells Fargo Center Lobby
Wells Fargo Center Lobby
Run the Register group
Left to Right---Mike McBride, Andy Mirdik, Holly Lockwood, Marilyn Sundt (front), Roxlyn Cole, Teri Belger

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