2005 Stadium Stampede
Denver, CO,  Invesco Field
June 5, 2005

Of the more than 500 participants, Roxlyn Cole and about 100 other oxygen users walked in this fund-raiser. That is an amazing accomplishment. All who participated should be very proud.

Talking with other rehab folks...that walked the 1 K.  there one other gal on oxygen who did the 5K walk with Roxlyn. All other lung challenged did finish the
1K including those using walkers, canes, and chairs.

Roxlyn getting her cart ready....this is view from back of cart, the highflow O2 tank hangs under the handle in front of the
red pack bag.
Roxlyn in front of the Huff n Puff Tent...*HAPPINESS is finishing* at all and icing on the cake? Her time was 1 second faster than last year...time 47:19..for the 5 K walk. She was 24th out of 100 female walkers.

Denver, CO  Mile High Stadium, now called Invesco Field.
June 5, 2005

Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive 2005