COPD Disease Progression and More
by Shari Richardson

Although there is nothing to stop the progression, I agree that exercise, healthy diet, not smoking and the right meds can improve your life.  I was told in June by my Pulmo that after doing a CT scan of my lungs that he would recommend a lung transplant and basically there was really no more he could do.  I was referred to a Lung Transplant specialist and he stated
that I DID NOT need a lung transplant and that I should be taking Spiriva and NAC along with Advair and my other meds.  Within 2 weeks I no longer needed to use my nebulizer, I no longer need to use o2 when sleeping and I have only had to use my rescue inhaler twice.  This has all been since July 18th, starting the Spiriva and NAC.  So even though you cannot stop
the progression, you can live a better quality of life provided you get the right doctor, the right combination of meds and the positive attitude.  Prior to July 18th, I really thought I only had 2 more years to live since that is what I was told.  I stopped exercising, I stopped going out shopping, I basically gave up.  Now I shop, I cook, I clean (with 02) and I am back in a Pulmonary Rehab program twice a week.  Don't give up and don't let depression get the better of you.  I know, it almost got me. Shari - WI