Personal Glimpses by Myrl Templeton


About Professions

When one has almost 72 years of history behind them it takes time to get to this point.
I'm not the Farmer's Daughter,but became the Farmer's Wife after being a Jenny of several trades. I did a little truck driving in 1959 after John cut a thumb off. Played auctioneer raising money"for a good cause". I've coached a girls basketball team. Manager of a mens baseball team 1 season (lost 1 game) and got called"Casey". 

Worked for the Commission on Aging forming Senior Citizens Centers.   When the E thing
came along and we had to quit farming,John started a construction company building homes. At that time I could drive nails with the best of them and I helped with that until I ran out of air and the inhaler wasn't enough.
I've had a good, happy life and enjoyed it all. I am still happy except for feeling useless. My Profession now is to prevent young ones from smoking--doing what I can to help find a cure for our disease, and lend support to all who have it.

About Living Wills

Am I morbid as well as stupid? I think I have discussed everything with my family as calm a positive as I can. They evaded the issue in the beginning--tears, and telling me I would"snap out of it" or just refused to talk about dying. Little by little, a statement or when a friend died I would say I'm sorry for the family's grief but every living thing dies. My grandson agreed and is so understanding. Now,with his help they agree and have promised to see that what I've asked will be done, right down to a simple funeral. The minister isn't to "preach me into heaven"--My life is my sermon and there isn't a thing he can say to change it. When the good Lord is ready for me, I want to be remembered with laughter--a little sadness maybe,but
no tears.        Am I wrong?

Scared about using oxygen

Using oxygen isn't the scary part honey. It makes breathing easier. What is scary is being SOB (short of breath) enough to need it. 

From my experience with lung disease,one has to change the life style. Avoid things you never knew bothered you before. Lint, dust, exhaust fumes-whatever irritates your lungs,including smoking.
You said you worked in an old building with mold and mildew. Both are bad. Every time you get a cold,flu or pneumonia it takes a little longer to recover and you become more SOB.  How you cope with having emphysema has an awful lot to do with how you feel.  The sooner you accept it,the sooner your attitude changes- then the out-look isn't so bad. There are a lot of productive years left after diagnosis, so don't be scared.  Question your doctor about things you don't understand.
Take medication as prescribed,a good diet and exercise----Above all, have fun, relax and enjoy life.
This "family" is here ready to help anytime, I promise,