A Special Feeling
by Barbara Stribling

Greeting fellow COPD'ers...My name is Barbara Stribling and I live with my husband in Pell City, AL.  We have 6 grandchildren and 2 step-grandchildren, live about half way between them (about an hour from each).  You guessed it, lots of babysitting!  I do really well most days and have an understanding husband for those other days!!  My Motto:  "A bad day is just a good day in disguise!!!!"

My reason for posting (and maybe it should not be here - let me know if I boo-booed!) is to tell all of you how special I felt on a short vacation we had with our son and his family.  We were at  a resort with a huge pool.....I went bouncing in with bathing suit on pushing my oxygen tank and sat on the edge of the pool!  A man approached me and said "excuse me, but my 4 yr. old son is so excited....he just told me that you are the first scuba diver he has ever seen", of course the man knew I wasn't).  Since I was NOT going to be diving, I had to figure a was not to disappoint the little guy (I crossed my fingers) called him over and told him that I had just come by to see my grandchildren and would not be diving tonight. He asked why I had "the thing" in my nose (again with my fingers crossed) I told him I was breathing oxygen getting read for my dive tomorrow!  The way
he grinned made me feel SO special!!!! I think about this every day, so he is still making me feel special!

I felt so good being called a scuba diver and the little guy seemed to like my answers, so I hope God thought I did the right thing & will forgive me for not telling him the truth!!!


Barbara Stribling, July 10, 2006

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