The Dairy Queen Lady
by Ruth Greene
Note: This was a real story that one of our members submitted...

Now that I know I can do it, the fear has almost gone away. I just have to prepare very carefully and take it slow and easy. Wish you all could have seen me going down the road in my little PT Crusier loaded with four grandkids, my concentrator and several D & E tanks with the music playing Rock n Roll in between Brittany Spears, etc.

I will never go to a Dairy Queen again however without thinking of a family I don't know who are keeping me in their prayers. Was very emotional. We had stopped at a Dairy Queen on our journey down the road. The kids had all had a treat, gone potty and all that and were outside waiting for me to finish my food....grandma is slow. I looked up and there stood a kid about 14 just staring at me. It kind of scared me at first as the world is so full of gangs nowadays. He finally spoke up and told me he did not want to upset me, but did I have COPD/emphysema. I said, yes and he told me he and his Dad had been watching me and he just had to come over and tell me how much he admired me. I asked him whatever for and he told me he understood cause his Mom had COPD/E. He said she never wanted to go out with the oxygen as she was scared and embarrassed and that was why he wanted to tell me how much he admired me for not only going out, but for going on a trip with just the kids. I was just about to tell him his Mom should check out EFFORTS when he told me his Mom had just died two months ago. He then asked me if he could have a hug which I tearfully gave him. He left and came back with his Dad who told me he had just lost his wife and that he and his son would be praying for me. As they left, the son came back and asked if I would give him just one more hug. Wow...what an experience for me. I never got their names or them mine, so guess they will be praying for the "Dairy Queen Lady" as I will for the "Dairy Queen Guys".

I know there are members of EFFORTS that are embarrassed to go out in the world as I have read a few posts, but I know they will not feel that way long if they stay with EFFORTS. Wish the "DQ Guy's Mom" had had the opportunity.

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