Smoker's Lament
by Ione Driggs

Iíve tried to quit it doesnít work.

Iíve heard that song before.
To keep your health and lungs intact;
Please try it, just once more.                            

Put your finger to a flame,
To get rid of a wart or hang nail.
The reasoning is just the same
When smoke, you choose to inhale.

Your lungs are the things
That gives you your life.
Help you to live, in this world
Full of strife.

You have a choice; donít wait too long;
The Oxygen tank can wait.
Until the choice is no longer yours,
Now dear heart, ITíS TOO LATE.

 If I were given a chance to go back
The choice would be simple for me.
The cigarettes would go in a minute
Health, happy and richer, Iíd be.

Dragging a hose, shoved up in your nose
Is that what you want for yourself?
Drop the smokes in the garbage today, my friend
And work your way back to good health.

Ione..March 13, 2004

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